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Connect Veterinary Consulting is dedicated to enriching the capabilities of animal health companies across a number of business areas — marketing, product and business development, customer and key opinion leader management, and technical writing.

The ability to combine scientific expertise with astute business acumen results in solution-driven strategies that help give you a distinct competitive advantage and increased sales.

Services Offered



  • I delve more deeply than your typical SWOT analysis
  • I arm your sales force with counter arguments
  • I will help promote your product line as the veterinarians’ solution

Business Development


  • I facilitate revenue growth for your business
  • I build relationships to commercialize novel products

Customer and Key Opinion Leader Relations


  • I improve your sales representatives dialogue with clinics
  • My first-to-know product presentations gain support

Technical Writing


  • I create original content for a wide range of reading levels
  • I provide a fresh perspective on long-standing issues
  • I develop effective sales training modules

Disruptor Mentality – a Perception Shift

Veterinarians are not classically big on change and could be perceived as content with the status quo. What if we weren’t just ok with current state of affairs? Looking alternatively for partnerships with people and organizations we once thought...

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What if millennials aren’t lazy?

Confusion over that statement is most likely the stereotypical response if you aren’t part of that generation. But what if that statement were true? Convenience and instant response via technology is a way of life for millennials. And frankly,...

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