Let’s Connect

Connecting & Serving Others with Excellence

Dr. Meghan E. Burns

When it comes to connecting people, Connect Veterinary Consulting CEO Dr. Meghan Burns takes the task to heart. She operates with the mission of connecting her customers with their target audience, colleagues, and industry partners. In tandem with that mission, her goal is to provide more than just a quality service but excellence within her service!

Dr. Burns knows that relationships and genuine interest in serving others are what build long-term success in any industry. In contrast, marketers can sometimes get stuck in the rut of counting views and impressions without paying enough attention to connection opportunities. Because meaningful connections come from serving others, an organization’s level of sincere service can affect its partnerships, client relationships, and more. This is the central philosophy behind Connect Veterinary Consulting.

To learn about this topic further, listen to how Dr. Burns applied this principle of excellence to her veterinary business and accomplished success on her podcast below!

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Source: Backroad Productions