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Becoming a Fear Free Practice

The Fear Free program isn’t a tagline, but a toolbox.

What if I told you and your veterinary customers that
utilizing one program would allow you to increase client visits, decrease patient and client stress, decrease the potential for vet clinic staff injuries, and potentially decrease one of the most frequent causes of staff burnout? Is your first reaction, yeah right? Or show me how?

Becoming a Fear-Free certified practice does all those things, and more.

Veterinarians and vet nurses are an integral part to the human-animal bond. Not picking up on behavioral signs of fear erodes the joy of veterinary medicine when­ever conflict develops with patients and increases the potential for injuries. Ultimately, any and all of this puts the human-animal bond in jeopardy. Sixty-seven percent of licensed clinical veterinarians and 98 percent of veter­inary nurses experience an animal-related injury at some point in their careers.