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Adding Value: Over-Used Catch Phrase in Animal Health?

In the corporate world, it’s all about adding value and synergies. But how can we turn those buzzwords into practical value for our customers?

Let’s face it, in the companion animal pharmaceutical industry; there have been very few novel therapeutics launched in recent years. While we can all debate the reasons for that previous statement, let’s look beyond industry product offerings. Animal health manufacturers face stiffer and stiffer competition from competitors, especially in parasitology, biologicals, and nutraceuticals. Instead of converting one clinic away from our competition, what if we enhanced our relationships with those veterinary clinic owners?

Most veterinarians need to increase revenue and in their clinics. So why don’t we as an industry do a better job of helping them do just that? But, unfortunately, our product offerings only do that in part.

How about sitting down with the veterinarian as the business owner and not a medical director to identify the gaps they find in their revenue streams and identify solutions? The best answers enhance vet-client relationships and keep the client returning to the clinic regularly.

Finding a win-win solution for the veterinarian and the company deepens the relationship between sales representatives that call on the clinic and the clinic owner – adding value to both sides of the equation.