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Pet Travel Basics: Ready to Roam?

Help remind your veterinary customers of what pet parents and clinic staff need to be prepared for when it comes to pet travel before the summer season.

The smell of the open road! It’s a staple of the summer travel season. Oh wait, are we behind a garbage truck? What’s that smell? Oh no, Fluffy got car sick!

Let’s rewind. This all could have been avoided. If we went back in time to ten days prior to the time in the car, we would be back to the day when Fluffy was brought in for a health certificate. While Fluffy was getting all of his vaccines updated and the veterinarian was ensuring he was healthy enough to travel and for the health certificate to be issued, did your veterinary customer think to ask about whether he gets car sick?

Remind yourself about the basics of pet travel and how your clients can prepare.