The animal health industry faces ever increasing competition, thus making our relationships with our end user, the veterinarian, that much more important in the years ahead. We need to sit down with those veterinarians as the business owners and help them to identify gaps in their revenue stream and solutions to shore up those gaps—solutions that will enhance the vet-client relationship and keep that pet parent coming back to that same clinic on a regular basis. Finding the win-win solution for the veterinarian and for your company deepens the relationship between the company representatives that frequent that clinic and the clinic owner – adding value to both sides of the equation. I can teach your sales representatives how to facilitate that dialogue and improve your relationships with your clinics so you don’t need to worry about converting one clinic at a time to your product line ever again.

In terms of launching new products, I am a firm believer in a regional grass roots effort to more efficiently increase your share of voice to more general practitioners. Conducting first-to-know presentations and allowing the board-certified specialists and key opinion leaders to trial the product in advance of a launch can be extremely effective. So when those specialists receive calls inquiring about a new product, the specialist can provide an informative recommendation of your product to local vets in their area. I can use my network of key opinion leaders to help your sales force increase your share of voice and your revenue.

In all customer relations, no matter the size of your business, I can provide the insight you need to gain the competitive edge and get the right share of voice for you! If you’d like to have your customer relationship strategy evaluated, let’s get started today. Simply fill out the form below.

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