Engaging the right groups with the right message, targeting their reading level and knowledge base, while keeping in mind their use of the information you are providing is yet another service I deliver to my customers.

I create original content for print and digital publication for variety of reading levels, from a lay person to a distributor sales representative to a board-certified specialist. Whether its distilling down highly technical information or providing a fresh take on a long standing issue, I keep the message succinct and on point. Please take a look at the blog section of this site or DVM360 and see for yourselves.

In addition to being able to write effectively for any reading level on a variety of topics, I also have the ability to ensure your sales force is well armed to counter any argument from competitors and easily handle skeptical veterinarians to improve their messaging and remove barriers to entry. I develop sales training modules to provide your sales team with an appropriate medically-based background and a thorough examination of the competitive landscape, so they are confident about the features and benefits of your product to exceed your sales goals.

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