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What If Millennials Aren’t Lazy?

Confusion over that statement is most likely the stereotypical response if you aren’t included in the millennials. But what if that statement were true?

Convenience and instant response via technology is a way of life for millennials. And frankly, society as a whole is moving in that direction. So, we in the healthcare profession have to be prepared to roll with the times or have them steamroll right past us without waiting for us to adapt.

In the coming months and years, personalized veterinary medicine will become of increasingly greater value to clients.

Veterinarians need to maintain their position as the go-to information source in this digital age, catering to the way people like Millennials want information. Instead of looking at their digital communication strategy as something to be afraid of, veterinarians need to see it as another arm of their reach and their business to support consumers and their clients’ needs.

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