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yourself as a brand

Building Yourself as a Brand

Building yourself as a brand and your veterinary clinic into a brand that stands for trust, knowledge, compassion—in fact, all the positive qualities you want to be associated with your practice—is a foreign concept to most veterinarians. Ideally, you should simply be able to do good work and let word of mouth build your reputation and revenue, right? Well, in today’s digital age, that’s no longer automatic.

Whether you get five-star reviews or consistent thumbs down depends to some extent on what you do to shape image and perception. So, it makes sense to devote thought to how you want to be regarded by clients, colleagues, and staff– in essence, what you want yourself as a brand to be.


How do you identify yourself as a brand? Start by focusing on what makes your clinic distinctive. Of course, you practice the best medicine and may have an attractive physical plant and plenty of free parking, but likely so do the other five clinics in town. A brand is more than a collection of features and benefits; it’s an identity. Perhaps you want your clinic to be known as the one that practices ‘cutting edge medicine with a hometown touch,’ or assures ‘your pets are our family, too,’ or perhaps you’re ‘guided by skill and kindness.’ Whatever it may be, your brand should reflect what you believe, what you can actually deliver, and what your clients want and need.

Industry partners can often provide tools to help you build your practice and brand through scripted social media content, tools to create an online pharmacy, website templates, and performance data that shows your clinic’s performance compared to local competition.

With some introspection that pinpoints your unique selling proposition and through resources that may be available at no cost from the companies that supply your pharmacy, you can create a brand that drives revenue and gets thumbs up reviews from everyone. Want to learn more about establishing a brand, keeping your clients happy, and increasing revenue year over year, connect with us!