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2022 Marketing Trends: How Veterinary Practices Bring on the New Year

Yes, 2020 and 2021 have been rough for veterinary practices—let’s face it, for everyone—but that doesn’t mean 2022 has to be about disruption and uncertainty, too. No matter what 2021 looked like for you, preparing for 2022 marketing trends will be critical in bouncing back and thriving.

And don’t feel like you have to go this alone. Connect Veterinary Consulting has the business experience to help you take on the new year with confidence. We’ve even created a free New Year’s Resolutions guide with tips and space to organize goals for your veterinary business based on the 2022 marketing trends.

The Patient Digital Experience

“Pivoting online is no longer just a good idea—it’s quite literally essential.”

Jeremy Moser, marketing expert and co-founder of uSERP

Having a greater online presence going into 2022 is expected, especially since the pandemic made it a non-option. Even more than that, though, patients expect a seamless digital experience. That means a functioning and well-run website, easily accessible online tools, and connecting patients to your practice digitally.

According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer Report, 68% of customers surveyed said that COVID-19 raised their expectations for business’ digital capability. That’s really true for millennials and Gen-Zers, most of whom prioritize convenience over the brand. The foundation of 2022 marketing trends will be improving patients’ digital experience.

Consumers Want to Support Small Business

One major trend leading into 2022 is consumers’ desire to support small businesses and their local economies. After witnessing the struggle of many local businesses, people would rather buy from a small business than a large corporation.

Capitalizing on this trend requires adjusting your practice’s messaging and investing in the local community. Some strategies might include:

  • Boosting your social media presence with local hashtags and campaigns
  • Donating to a local cause or participating in a virtual community fundraiser or event
  • Using target advertising to locals about how your small practice supports their community and feels like family

Staying Connected with Partners & Community 

In addition to getting involved with your community, you can’t forget about maintaining and growing your professional network. Reaching out to your referral partners just to check-in can mean a lot to the strength of the partnership.

If your focus in 2022 is expanding your referral network, you can start by thinking about your ideal patient and where they may seek initial medical care. Create a list of non-competing clinics and providers in your area, making the list as long as possible before weeding out prospects:

  • Do you already know any providers personally?
  • Is the clinic well marketed?
  • Does the clinic have high patient volumes?
  • Do they appear to follow a similar value system that you do?

Reach out to the practices you’d like to develop a relationship with, visiting their offices and inviting them to yours.

Another strategy many forget about is attending events that draw people from outside your specialty. Doctors tend to focus on going to the same industry event year after year. It’s advantageous, however, to step outside your area of expertise when seeking out new referral sources. Network with fellow veterinarians, local emergency, and specialty practices who would benefit from a trusted place to send their patients.

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Get More Tips and Make an Action Plan for 2022

Like was mentioned previously, bouncing back in 2022 will take strategic planning, goal setting, and follow-through. To help your practice, we’ve created a tool with suggested focuses for 2022 and a calendar to set goals and track your progress.

Get started by downloading our New Year’s Resolutions Guide and calendar.

Let’s Connect: A Marketing Partner Who Knows the Industry

After a challenging year, the value of having a partner who understands both the veterinary industry and how to help businesses flourish is even more valuable. For a business and marketing strategist who is deep-rooted in the medical industry, look no further than Connect Veterinary Consulting.

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